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How many levels

I was hoping to have more tests that test smaller parts of the
language. This has several advantages. It has to do with social
factors about motivating the human brain.

1. When more tests are taken, that is more Lojbanic activity going on,
which keeps people thinking about Lojban, and not dropping out of the
community. Some tests can even be like a game show over Teamspeak,
with dramatic music and an audience of other Lojbanists. They come for
the show, and stay for the conversation. The activity forms a social

2. A more fine-grained estimation of progress gives the brain more
frequent rewards, which engages the motivational cycle that game
designers talk about.

3. More goals to work toward. If someone reaches the highest goal we
have, they are likely to drop out of the system. The more people in
the system, the more active it is as a social hub.

4. More people can get to the first level. More people in the system
means more activity and talking about the activity.

5. With more tests, we can collect more fees, which go toward more
desirable prizes such as free trips to Lojbanfest.

I thought 500 words was a little excessive for the first test. The
usage frequency drops off precipitously after about the first hundred
words or so. (I can no longer find the document that gives the number
of existing usages rather than just ordering the words by frequency.)
That is a very useful measure. Those who are good with those words
have put in a significant amount of work to separate them from those
who just read "What Is Lojban".