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Here's a rough draft of the database structure:

table preti (
nacycme int autoincrement;
retygri int foreign key retygri;
jufra text; -- HTML (in case we want to add italics or fonts) in UTF8 (in case 
we want to zoi-quote a foreign word)
danfu1 text; -- HTML in UTF8
danfu2 text;
danfu3 text;
danfu4 text;
danfu5 text;
drani char; -- A through E
jufydrani text; -- for fill-in-blank questions
cunpoi boolean; -- true if the answers should be randomized

table retygri (
nacycme int autoincrement;
nilnandu short; -- or real, or maybe several of these
finti int foreign key cipfihi;
zgana int foreign key cipfihi; -- Who reviewed the question group.
jarco_namcu short; -- Number of questions to ask. The number of questions in 
the group you can get by a count query.
jufra text; -- HTML in UTF8; may contain img tags.

The number of questions to ask is normally either 1 or the same as the number 
of questions in the group. If it's 1, retygri.jufra is normally empty, but it 
could be not. jarco_namcu=1 with several questions is used for alternative 
versions of a question, such as the same sentence with any of several errors. 
jarco_namcu>1 is used for reading comprehension stories with several