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Re: some questions

la .ka'irat. _____ la .misr.
a. rirxe
b. zbani
c. tcadu
d. snanu
e. xrabo

Made more difficult in that it requires knowledge of geography and lojbanized names; other than that, basic gismu and place structure question.

Difficulty: average

lo xabju be la .tiblis. cu _____
a. kartuli
b. kernauke
c. gombesa
d. sperlanu
e. nargile

Same caveat as above; requires knowledge of {xabju} and several fu'ivla

Difficulty: above average

lo xanto _____ lo nazbi cu clani
a. nai
b. zo'u
c. cu
d. co
e. bo'u

Grammar question. I can't guess whether or not it would be easier for someone Japanese, but I eliminated 3 of the 5 choices by the fact that they clearly don't fit, and looked up bo'u to check that it wasn't some important cmavo I didn't know.

Difficulty: easy

la .rampal. zgipli lo _____
a. sfani
b. drani
c. xrani
d. flani
e. zbani

Knowledge of who the heck Rampal is helps. {zgipli} is not in jbovlaste. Requires basic gismu knowledge.

Difficulty: average

mu'omi'e .pier.
li fi'u vu'u fi'u fi'u du li pa

mu'o mi'e .arpis.