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[lojban-announcements] Still need CLLv1.1 help.

What we're working on is basically http://dag.github.com/cll/ but
with all of the information/markup/etc needed to make a proper book
out of it, so we can actually publish something with corrected
errata *and* easily make it available online and so on.

This email will be pretty opaque to you unless you have experience
with XML and VCS systems (particularily git).  If you have a burning
desire to help anyways (particularily with the manual labour parts),
please come on IRC and ask for help.  Mention rlpowell by name.

What I basically need is for people to grab the git repo, and see
the "TODO" file for help needed. Much of it is very brain dead
manual labour, but it really needs to get done.  Please help!

How to do it:

Checkout dag-cll (it's a git repo, at git@github.com:dag/cll.git ;
github page is https://github.com/dag/cll ) and read the TODO and/or
look at the source.

To submit your changes, feel free to send me a patch personally, or
do the github fork/pull request thing; see

Come on IRC (see
http://www.lojban.org/tiki/Lojbanic+Forums ) and bug me (rlpowell)
if you need help understanding what to do.


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