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[lojban-announcements] Announcing the Lojban Announcements list.

(Here's hoping this actually gets to everywhere it's supposed to

FOLLOWUP TO THIS POST on the main list, please.

(*All* announcements posts should have a statement like that; it is
*NOT* a discussion list.  The list does not set Reply-To, so you
should set it to where you want followup discussion to go, if you
know how.)

There's a bit of a problem in the Lojban community in that a number
of people who have been around for a very long time, and are
theoretically at least marginally interested in what goes on (major
new developments, new projects, and so on) don't want to be on the
main list because they've seen it all before and they're tired of
seeing it again, or lack of time, or other reasons.

Hence, the announcements list.  From
http://www.lojban.org/tiki/Lojbanic+Forums :

  The Lojban Announcements Web Forum / Mailing List is for single
  posts on topics of general community interest. All posts to this
  list are moderated, and all must include a description for where
  followup conversation should go. For example: "there are now
  Lojban flashcards on smart.fm; follow up discussion should go to
  the Beginners list" (but presumably with more detail).

  The announcement list sends to just about every Lojban email list
  there is. People can also subscribe to it directly, if they want
  to get announcements of general community interest but do not want
  to be on the main mailing lists.

  Anything likely to be of interest to large segments of the Lojban
  community is on topic. In particular, "I'm starting Lojbanic
  project X and need help/feedback" is what the list is primarily
  intended for.

To subscribe to it by itself, please go to

It currently forwards to the main list, the beginners list, bpfk,
lbck, llg-members, lobjan-es, and lojban-fr, which should hit just
about everybody.

All posts to the announcements list are moderated, currently by just
me.  Let me know if you want to help with that, but it's likely to
be such a low-volume job I can handle it myself.


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