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[lojban-announcements] The LLG/BPFK could use some helpers.

FOLLOWUPS TO: me personally, or the main list.

So, the community seems to be very, very active right now. :)  So
I'm going to put a call out to see if any of you people are willing
to do some actual *work* around here.

Things are so crazy I don't even know what we need, exactly, so I'd
really love it if people who are willing to take on official Lojban
jobs would mail me personally for the sort of things they might want
to do.

There's one thing I do *know* we need, though: a pulse-taker.

All of the board members have extremely time-consuming personal
lives, and all of us get overwhelmed by very large email threads.
For my own part, I get so overwhelmed that I tend to ignore the main
list for large swathes of time, and sometimes miss really important
things that way.

I would *love* it if one-or-more people would step up to the task of
keeping me (as LLG Secretary) informed as to what's actually going
on in the Lojban community, be it on the mailing lists or IRC or web
forums or whatever.  I would love to have the time to do it myself,
but I simply do not.  Sufficiently important things I would then
pass to the members and/or board.

Let me know in private email if you're interested.


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