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[lojban-announcements] Re: Lojban Web Programming Help?

On Nov 21, 2:52 pm, Robin Lee Powell <rlpow...@digitalkingdom.org>
> Followups to the main list.
> On Nov 21, 2:37 pm, Robin Lee Powell <rlpow...@digitalkingdom.org>
> wrote:
> > OK, first pass at results is athttp://teddyb.org/~rlpowell/media/regular/lojban_survey.PNG
> Wrong link.  I suck.  Sorry.
> http://teddyb.org/~rlpowell/media/regular/lojban_survey.PNG


I didn't seriously just do that, did I?  Oh god.  Now no-one will ever
love me again.  :(


Sorry for the spam.


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