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[lojban-beginners] Re: terkunra

On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 10:06:03AM +0100, Newton, Philip wrote:
> Can {terkunra} be used for locations producing things other than metal
> ore?

Seems that way.

> For example, can a marble quarry be a {rokcrmarmara terkunra} as well as a
> {rokcrmarmara teryrokci}? 

Works for me.

> [{teryrokci} sounds to me as if it's more the geographical area where
> the rock comes from rather than the actual quarry.] Can a soap mine
> (from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I believe) be a {zbabu
> terkunra} as well as a {selzbabu}? 

Ignoring cridrunikorna issues, sure.

> Is a salt mine a {silna terkunra} as well as a {selsilna}? 


> Is an oil well a {ctile terkunra} as well as a {selctile}? [Similar
> questions for all these as for {teryrokci} -- "location" and "source"
> sound rather vague.]
> Are diamonds (jarjme? rairjarjme?) found in {terkunra} or only in
> {terjemna}?

Same questions; yes.

> If I plant a forest with the intent of logging the trees, is it then a
> {mudri terkunra}? 

No, it's a mudri tercrepu, IMO.

> ({mudri} has no place for source or location besides the species of
> trees used.)


> What are the restrictions on the {kunra} ("mineral/ore of type/metal
> x2") that come from a {terkunra}?

You've just listed them.  8)

This may be worth sending to the bpfk when things are rolling a bit


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