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[lojban-beginners] Re: tanru/lujvo for [name] type of thing?

Jan Pilgenroeder wrote:
[using fu'ivla]
> does not allow for lujvo building (or does it?).

Use {zei}. AFAIK, {rodbo'e} is the same as {broda zei brode} -- so
{saskrlumani zei cusku} is a lujvo, rather than a tanru.

> BTW: how do you define place-structures for fu'ivla?

AFAIK: by fiat. The person who uses the fu'ivla gets to decide what the
place structure is.

The default is, I believe, something like "x1 is specific to <whatever> in
property x2", but you could use pretty much anything, just as with lujvo.

Best to state the place structure assignment somewhere, though (again, as
with lujvo, whose place structure is also not guessable).

> And it would be really nice to be able to build lujvo e.g. for 
> "science-type-of-(Luhmann-type-of-observation)" or 
> "self-referential-type-of-(Luhmann-type-of-observation)"

{zei} is probably your friend, again.

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