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[lojban-beginners] Re: tanru/lujvo for [name] type of thing?

On Mon, Feb 10, 2003 at 12:09:40PM +0100, Jan Pilgenroeder wrote:
> I need to say something like e.g.: "A Luhmann type-of Observation is 
> the drawing of a distiction between two states and the marking of one 
> of the states" and I would like the place structure to be  X1= the 
> operation of observing, X2= the marked state, X3= the unmarked state, 
> X4= the observing system (a human mind or a communications-system e.g. 
> science or an organisation).

lojbab has already spoken to using broda (which wouldn't have occured to
me; thanks Bob).  Here's how you define the place structure above.  Or
one way, at least, assuming broda has been bound to "me la luman." or

zo rodzga cu bridi le si'o da .e de vu'o poi tcini zo'u karbi da de gi'e
tcitygau fi pa da ce de kei le zgana se zukte ku ce'o le tcita tcini ku
ce'o le na tcica tcini ku ce'o le zgana ciste

I've seen essentially no attempts to define lojban words in lojban,
though, so take anything anyone says about this with a grain of salt.

PS: Damn you, LALR(1).  I mean, yeesh, if we did LALR(2) we wouldn't
need those ku tags.  8P

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