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[lojban-fr] Re: [lojban] Opinions sought on new Resources page design.

It looks nice, thanks.

BTW, I had the surprise to see that the home page is localized and to see a nice "Qu'est-ce que le Lojban ?" in place of "What Is Lojban?". So, thanks for the index.html.fr in addition to the index.html.en. Just one remark: in French, the language names are not capitalized. So, it should read "Qu'est-ce que le lojban ?".

For the non-English links, you may want to add http://lojban.free.fr where I try to recap French resources links and give indications for the lojban-fr@lojban.org mailing-list.


Le lundi, 2 juin 2003, à 10:00 Europe/Paris, Robin Lee Powell a écrit :

I've redesigned the Resources page to make it easier to find things,
I hope.  It's fairly subtle, but I'd like people's opinions.


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