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[lojban-fr] Text for beginners - chrestomathy part 1

Hi (apologies for cross-posting and for writing in English)

As some of you may or may not know, I am editing a collection of
lojbanic texts for the purpose of publishing a chrestomathy. 

I feel that the most important thing lacking to a lojban beginner is a
collection of texts which are relatively simple, with the finer
grammatical points explained and, in my opinion most importantly, whose
vocabulary has been extracted, allowing it to be learnt before reading
the story.

Here is the first story I've worked on: la pexkerf .e le ci cribe,
submitted by John Cowan.


A complete wordlist for this text can be found at 


I need beginners to tell me how I can improve the content to facilitate
their reading. In particular, how can I improve the wordlist?

It is also important that the text be carefully scrutinised to remove
any semantical errors - it currently parses through jbofi'e.

I wrote my own definitions for the cmavo, in order to - hopefully - make
their meaning more readily available - any improvements will be welcome.

I'm wondering whether or not to include translation. If so, do you want
stilted malylojbo english or a more fluid translation?

I'd like to include some grammatical commentary : as this text deals -
in particular - with event-NU cmavo and causal modals, a piece
explaining their various uses with good examples would be most welcome.

Aside from that, I only have two other texts for the chrestomathy - I
haven't started working on either yet - so any submissions would be great!


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