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Re: English translation of my Saturday message

>> samjulne  computer network for purpose ... using carrier ...
>No, "julne" means a net like for catching fish or bugs.  Besides,
>"samjulne" would have to have the same structure as "julne".

The whole point of tanru construction is that lujvo may have meanings
that are *metaphorically* rather than literally related to the roots. Note
that the x2 place of the gismu julne is "for purpose" not "for catching".

>> Let's see some discussion on this. And...what about a lujvo for
>> `electronic mailing list'?
>How about "samkarni" (computer type of journal). 

A `computer type of journal' seems to me to imply third-party editorship
and refereeing, as is done in some tightly moderated newsgroups but not
in most mailing lists (and certainly not in this one). Or am *I* being too
literal now ? :-)

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