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cmene orthography

	Date: Fri, 15 Dec 89 22:36:52 EST
	From: "Keith F. Lynch" <KFL@ai.ai.mit.edu>
	Subject: Re: grammar
	> .eirik. tideman.
	You spell your first name differently than .erek. reimnd.

That's a relief!  I sometimes find the process of transliterating directly
from English into lojban just a little too heartbreaking.  In this case, 
I used my French name and didn't have to mangle anything!
	> "la simon. cu cusku lu ko zutse ledo skami li'u"
	No, I refuse to sit on my computer.  Anyhow, I think his name is
	spelled saimn.

Not the way *I* spell it..which is according to the Greek pronunciation.
(I guess the Hebrew original would be "cimon.".)