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minor nits on cowan's notes on pauses

On John Cowan's message of 27 Jul 90 15:27:03 EDT, only minor nits:

>0.  Pause is permitted before or after any word and is forbidden within words.
>Example:  "mi. .du. .la. .djan.", spoken very slowly.

Note that word compounds are multiple words.  I write "le nu" as a compound
"lenu", but you can pause between them: "le.nu".

>1.  Pause is required BEFORE any word that begins with a vowel.  These will
>always be either cmene or cmavo.  Example:  ".ui .atlstan.".

le'avla (borrowings) can also begin with vowels, technically.  However,
the various proposals to tag borrowings with a categorizer affix, as in
"dja-r-" in "djarspageti" for "spaghetti", eliminate vowel-initial borrowings.
None of these proposals are likely to be made mandatory prior to baselining,

>5.  Pause is required AFTER a protocol vocative of lexeme COI, provided that
>a cmene follows.  Example:  "coi. lojbab."

Actually, the more correct way to say this is that a name must be preceded
by a pause unless the preceding word is in lexeme DOI or lexeme LA.  However,
by the baselined grammar, John's case is the only other legal possibility
for grammatical text.

The confusion no doubt arises because I mark the pause by convention with a
period after COI when followed by a cmene (name).  I do so because my word
processor spelling checker rejects ANY word starting with a period, and I
have enough trouble dealing with the period-pause before sentences (".i")
and attitudinals (".ui")