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[lojban-story] ca co'a casnu

Hello, everyone.  Welcome to the lojban storytelling game.

You post to this list by sending mail to

Posts are moderated, mostly just so I can put them into a consistent

If you are space-limited in your mailbox, tell me now, because if no-one
complains I'm going to attach precedents of any given Statement to the
e-mail for new statements.

I'll warn you right now that the only fiction I really enjoy is science
fiction and fantasy, so I'll probaby try to steer things in that
direction if you let me.  First, though, we need to do some world
building, which I will begin with the next message (which isn't prepared
yet, so don't be surprised if it's not immediate: I haven't written
much lojban lately).

Again, welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay.