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Since I wanted to make the world develop in the plot, I'll start. This is
mostly exposition, but it's still got plot to get the whole thing going.

ni'o mi xusra

.i la frandiulr. tcadu fi le norgo gugde .i la frandiulr. goi ko'a cmalu
.ija'e lenu ko'a te vitka cu rirci .iku'i le te mafka cu klama ko'a ni'o le
mafka na cu zatsi  .iku'i ro le te mafka pu gasnu lenu le norgo prenu cu
birti lenu le mafka cu zatsi .ija'e le te mafka cu tsali
.i mi ciski fo

1. It defines some of the setting and one character, but it leaves the
majority of detail for future development.
2. By leaving details open, I let other peoples ideas about Fand?llir open
as options, encouraging creativity.
3. It sets a precedent of defining setting in the narrative. Reading pages
of setting without plot is boring, and we are not likely to include
discussion of the world if this format is not used, but as Robin points out
we need to begin world building.
4. Medival settings play up the role of individuals in a non-globalized
5. Magic as part of a world has been overdone, but is not crucial to the
fantasy atmosphere most of us enjoy.
6. 'Wizards' really were powerful in medival society. While there was no
magic they used belief in their power to have their advice heeded, or push a
political agenda. However, they did try to help people, so they should not
be portrayed as simply schemers... unless that would make a better story.
7. Gets the plot going; there must be some reason for the wizard to come to
Frand?llir, but it is not yet known to other characters.
8. Frand?llir is a realistic old norse town name; while it has no meaning
that I am aware of it is randomly generated based on letter frequencies and
syllable structure in an actual old norse text.
9. For continuity, we should agree to use primarily either tanru or lujvo.
Tanru are easier to understand quickly for one who has not memorized every
rafsi and are more lobykai.

Forgive the English reasons, I wasn't sure how to get the points across in
Also, I am not sure frandiulr. is the best transliteration, if you have
other ideas please suggest them.

                             --la kreig.daniyl.

     'segu le bavli temci gi mi'o renvi lo purci
     .i ga le fonxa janbe gi du mi'
                     -la djimis.BYFet

xy.sy. gubmau ckiku nacycme:  0x5C3A1E74

// eompost 3B86C15C:BFC.1:ybwonafgbel

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