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[lojban-story] le drata munje

[ I need to re-do the numbering system a little bit.  Somebody remind me
in a day or so if I forget. ]

[ This is the real version. ] le drata munje


ro le prenu na jimpe le barja .i le krinu cu sampu .i le du'u le barja
na stuzi le munje poi se nenri le prenu cu krinu .ija'e le barja cu
munje .i le barja munje goi ko'a cu cmalu je se nenri be le barja

ni'o ko'a na mintu le terdi munje .i ko'a cu cizra le prenu poi xabju le

ni'o le mi klama cu cizra ri'a le du'u le nu klama le barja cu rirci


	1. The idea that the bar's unreachability stems from an
otherworldly location is reasonably fitting with the spirit of the bar -
for instance, there is no way a war could make mountains on earth.

	2. A wish for sci-fi/fantasy plots has been expressed, another
world allows for such a thing to develop.

	3. It has a character already!

	4. First-person narratives allow for good literary effects.

Again, I apologize for my glibau reasons.

                             --la kreig.daniyl.

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     .i ga le fonxa janbe gi du mi'
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