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[POD] Re: Level -1 doc.

At 02:55 PM 8/22/02 -0700, Robin wrote:
>Here's how I'm hoping things will work in the future:
>The Level 0 and Lessons will be bought online or via snail mail to the
>LLG, the money to cover costs and the person's address will somehow get
>to us (probably not at the same time) and we will, as a group, pick one
>of ourselves to send it out.  Said person will then go and run a Kinko's
>copy or contact iUniverse or whatever we decide to do.

The consensus of the membership however was that, for the lessons, they 
wanted hardbound, or failing that for cost reasons, a better-than-Kinko's 
variety of print of demand, and Mark Shoulson is committee-charged with 
investigating companies that do that sort of thing.

The current scope of the POD group is responding to new enquiries/level 
-1/0, and possibly also things like printed word lists (stuff in packages 
1-3) if we still want to keep them available, since the only orders I've 
been filling have been refgrammar orders.  There are a couple of JL issues 
that I have dozens of, but most of those would be POD if we still offer them.


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