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[POD] level 0 to Europe

I checked out prices today for printing the level 0 brochure. The
printing place that I walked into in Jerusalem said NIS 0.40 per page.
The post office's price for sending printed materials to Europe was
NIS 12.20 for a kilogram, though I assume that that is heavier than
the level 0 brochure would end up. Is 300-400 grams a reasonable guess
as to the weight? How much do the various example books printed by
people weigh? The current exchange rate is 4.67 shekels to a dollar,
so 150 pages plus about 5 shekels postage would be $13.92. The pdf
version of the level 0 brochure is about 150 pages, but if that could
be reduced by using a relatively small font or smaller margins, the
cost would drop significantly: 100 pages for $9.64, and 50 pages for

I am volunteering to send copies to Europe (and other places near
Israel), though I may have trouble getting them out quickly before
late October/early November. I can also send the shorter brochure when
that is available. Since a major goal of the LLG is to recruit non-US
and non-English speaking lojbanists, I think that it might be
worthwhile to send the full level 0 brochure on slightly more
speculative grounds to Europe and non-English speaking countries.

mu'o mi'e .adam.