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Re: [POD] Re: [lojban] Level 0 latest

Nick Nicholas scripsit:

> I suspect that to be true, but I know nothing of your planet's 
> "inches". :-) What's the widest mass-market paperback size?

Mass-market paperbacks are a fixed size, viz. 4+3/16 in (106 mm) wide,
6+3/4 in (171 mm) tall.  This allows them to fit on book racks in airports
worldwide, as well as convenience stores.  I have numerous purpose-built
shelves in my apartment to handle this size.  As you can see, it is very
close to A6 (105 x 148 mm), which probably also fits on said airport book racks.

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Most languages are dramatically underdescribed, and at least one is 
dramatically overdescribed.  Still other languages are simultaneously 
overdescribed and underdescribed.  Welsh pertains to the third category.