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[Wikichanges] Wiki page jbovlaste gismu Keywords created by najrut

The page jbovlaste gismu Keywords was created by najrut at 15:36 UTC

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The new page content follows below.

Occasionally, it becomes obvious in jbovlaste that a particular keyword is polysemous, or that a particular place deserves a keyword, or that more than one gloss words for a gismu make sense, and so on.  These are all gismu changes that do no change the meaning at all, only the English language words associated with the gismu.

Since jbovlaste is intended to be the source for an eventual published dictionary, this sort of change is a bit touchy.

((Robin Lee Powell|I)) hereby request that the BPFK give to LLG board members, and anyone they might appoint as jbovlaste admins, the power to make such changes without explicit BPFK approval, with the proviso that if anyone doesn't like such a change a vote can be called, and the BPFK's will is the deciding factor in these changes.

This request was approved as of 17 May 2004.  It was informally agreed that jbovlaste should be modified to allow listing of changes made under this new rule, if possible, and that such changes should be listed somewhere as they are made.  The ((Approved gismu Alterations)) page was created for this purpose.

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