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[Wikichanges] Wiki page Opinionated Gripes: Mistakes in gismu lists created by najrut

The page Opinionated Gripes: Mistakes in gismu lists was created by najrut at 15:44 UTC

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! Unapproved
the following minor mistakes were found on the lojban dict server jbo->en (mostly concerning the see also-section): --sarefo
* sfubu: 2x farlu
* mutce: 2x traji
* milxe: 2x traji
* cliva: 2x litru
* cumki: see also cumki
* jdima: 2x pleji
* jarki: 2x cinla
* jbari: 2x grute
* jdini: 2x rupnu
* tcadu: 2x jarbu
* jalra: cockroaches are not part of orthoptera; check wikipedia
* curnu: "almost all multicellular invertebrates are indeed wormlike" - almost all invertebrates are arthropods (mostly arachnids + insects), by number of individuals + species. but i guess you *could* say that many/most(?) animal phyla are worm-like.

The following problems were found in ((Word Lists|the official gismu list)):
* ciste: The definition does not contain a verb.  I believe the words "is a" should be inserted before "system".
* jegvo: The keyword, "Jehovist," is actually a synonym for "Yahwist" and does not mean "pertaining to Judaism, Christianity, and/or Islam"; the correct term to use here is "Abrahamic."
* jukni: Crustaceans (which include crabs & lobsters) are *not* arachnids, nor are all non-insect arthropods arachnids.  Additionally, the definition needs to be clearer as to whether it refers to all arachnids or just spiders (or all non-insect arthropods, if you change it appropriately); they are not the same thing.
* jurme: "a bacteria"; "bacteria" is plural, "bacterium" is singular
* kolme: The definition seems to use "bituminous" as a noun even though every dictionary I have checked says that it is an adjective.
* konju: The notes seem to imply that "ellipse" and "ellipsoid" are valid translations despite the fact that these are not compatible with the keyword "cone."
* kurfa: The notes seem to imply that "rectilinear" is a valid translation despite the fact that it does not actually mean "a right-angled shape/form."
* navni: The list of noble/inert gases omits krypton.
* skari: It is unclear what sort of thing can fill the x2 (a property, a spectrum of light, etc)
* tadji: The notes advise to see also "tai", yet "ta'i" is clearly what is meant.
* xanri: The notes should read "...note that __x1__ is imaginary...".  Also, while not exactly an error, the last statement of the notes seems to be a bit of a ''non sequitur'' with the previous statement (Should it say "they thereby do not exist"?).
* jalra: sanjalra ("spanish roach") should be sagjalra (singing roach).
* lanbi: x3 is missing.
* prenu: x2 is missing.
* bancu: The meaning of the x3 is ill-defined. Is it the thing bound?
* pensi2/djuno3: ((pensi2 and djuno3 issues|What's up with that?))

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