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St. Lucia is one of the Caribbean hot spots that are usually frequented by those that would like to enjoy a romantic [http://www.theromanticholiday.com/weddings-and-honeymoons|Caribbean Honeymoon]. This comes as no surprise seeing that the island is a perfect place to enjoy nature’s beauty at its best. St. Lucia is an island that is covered with lush green rain forest vegetation and honey colored palm fringed beaches that scream out to you. The island is also graced with majestic looking mountain ranges that run throughout the length of the island.


If you are going to St. Lucia on a mission that entails having a romantic, Caribbean honeymoon then I suggest that you go to the town of Soufriere, which is found at the base of the world famous Caribbean Piton Mountains. Soufriere is a beach settlement that was once the capital of St. Lucia but is now the second largest town found on the southern part of the island. Soufriere is particularly famous for the magnificent view of the Piton Mountains that it provides. While you are there all you have to do is to part your window [http://www.blindsale.co.uk/|blinds] and there they are Gros Piton and Petit Piton mountain tops.

Soufriere is actually the best part of the island to have your honeymoon in if what you seek to have in your honeymoon is seclusion, privacy and intimacy with your partner. This is because Soufriere is surrounded by remote beaches all around with some accommodation for honeymooners, of course, in either rentable villas or lodges. These villas and lodges come with private terraces with tropical vegetation that gives you just the right amount of shade from the fierce tropical sun and lets through enough sun light to get you a killer Caribbean tan. Some of these accommodation facilities also come with private pools and access to no-public beaches that you and your loved one can enjoy twilight walks on. If you ask me, this is exactly how you should spend a Caribbean honeymoon on [http://www.thebodyholiday.com/|St. Lucia].

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