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- < ((lojbanic software)) < ((Word Lists))
|| {IMG(attId="828")}{IMG}=runs on Android | {IMG(attId="831")}{IMG}=runs on Linux | {IMG(attId="830")}{IMG}=runs on Mac | {IMG(attId="829")}{IMG}=runs on Windows | {IMG(attId="832")}{IMG}=runs in browser or universally ||

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|| {IMG(attId="828")}{IMG}=runs on Android | {IMG(attId="831")}{IMG}=runs on Linux | {IMG(attId="830")}{IMG}=runs on Mac | {IMG(attId="829")}{IMG}=runs on Windows | {IMG(attId="832")}{IMG}=runs in browser or universally ||
|| {IMG(attId="832")}{IMG} | The Lojban dictionary project, [http://www.lojban.org/jbovlaste/|jbovlaste], is now in full swing.  There are complete or near-complete dictionaries for Spanish, Esperanto, and English, and the Lojban-in-Lojban dictionary is progressing rapidly. 
 {IMG(attId="832")}{IMG} | [http://vlasisku.lojban.org/|vlasisku] is an easy-to-use online Lojban <&ndash;> English dictionary. It is a convenient way to browse and search the definitions from the jbovlaste database. 
 {IMG(attId="831")}{IMG}{IMG(attId="829")}{IMG}{IMG(attId="830")}{IMG}{IMG(attId="828")}{IMG} | A ((GoldenDict)) distribution for lojban is available now. It has numerous dictionaries suitable for eveyone. The best offline choice. ||
||{IMG(attId="832")}{IMG}|If you have a dict client, you can set it to www.lojban.org, port 2628. Dict clients allow you to quickly look up the definition of a word. For Linux, try kdict or gdict (usually installed by default). For windows, have a look at [http://www.dict.org/links.html].
{IMG(attId="831")}{IMG}{IMG(attId="829")}{IMG}|[http://developer.berlios.de/projects/sutfak/] Quick reference dictionary software.
{IMG(attId="832")}{IMG}| you can also seach the ((word lists)) using a text editor(this is what I do on my pocket pc,  mi'e timt'elis.).
{IMG(attId="831")}{IMG}{IMG(attId="829")}{IMG}{IMG(attId="830")}{IMG}| [http://www.lojban.org/tiki/tiki-download_wiki_attachment.php?attId=802&download=y|Here] are dictionary files suitable for [http://stardict.sourceforge.net/|Stardict]. The Stardict file format is also used by [http://www.socialnmobile.com/colordict.html|ColorDict], a dictionary program for Android mobile devices.||
||{IMG(attId="832")}{IMG}|[http://www.barsoom.net/lojban/gloss/masmuni.cgi|macmavo] - A glossing program (using gci). ''doesn't look like it works -- mi'e.aleks.''
{IMG(attId="832")}{IMG}|[http://hypermetrics.com/pikmin.html|pikmin] - Another glossing program (using cgi).||

*{IMG(attId="829")}{IMG}The ((Official Parser))
*{IMG(attId="831")}{IMG}{IMG(attId="830")}{IMG}{IMG(attId="829")}{IMG}(Java) ((camxes))
*{IMG(attId="831")}{IMG} [http://wiki.call-cc.org/eggref/4/jbogenturfahi|jbogenturfa'i] - [.alyn.post.]'s parser.
*{IMG(attId="831")}{IMG} [http://www.rc0.org.uk/jbofihe/|jbofi'e] - The ''de facto'' standard parser and glosser for Lojban. 
** ((lujvo expander)) in python that uses vlatai from jbofi'e.
*** [http://mbays.freeshell.org/jvofendi-0.1.tgz|Another one] in C.
** the ''de jure'' standard parser remains the dos version in the old Lojban files mentioned below.
**{IMG(attId="832")}{IMG} [http://www.lojban.org/jboski|jboski] - A web-based version of of ((Richard Curnow))'s ((jbofihe)); acts as a Lojban to English translator.  Made by ((Raphal Poss)), hosted at [http://www.lojban.org/].
*{IMG(attId="831")}{IMG}{IMG(attId="829")}{IMG}{IMG(attId="830")}{IMG}[http://pdf23ds.net/lojgloss|Lojgloss] A glosser and parser by pdf23ds. Tries to combine the best parts of jbofi'e with the accuracy of the PEG grammar and morphology.

! Word lists
* [http://arj.nvg.org/lojban/lojban-ispell-hashfile.html|ispell data files] - Data files to allow Lojban spell checking with ispell
* [http://www.tomeraider.com|Tomeraider] files containing the ((gismu)) list (English and Lojban ordering), the ((cmavo)) list (((cmavo)) and ((selma'o)) ordering), the ((rafsi)) list and the ((BNF)) grammar, for [http://www.tlg.uci.edu/~opoudjis/dist/lojban.tr.zip|PC] and [http://www.tlg.uci.edu/~opoudjis/dist/lojban.pdb.zip|Palm Pilot]
* ((A simple perl script for grepping the word lists with colorized output)) by ((Jordan DeLong))

! Old Lojban Software
;[http://www.lojban.org/files/software/analyser|analyser]:The source code (in Prolog) for Nick Nicholas's Lojban Semantic Analyser.
;[http://www.lojban.org/files/software/BRKWORDS.EXE|brkwords.exe]:An implementation of the Lojban word-resolution algorithm, which is described in [http://www.lojban.org/files/software/BRKWORDS.TXT|brkwords.txt]. The source for this program is in [http://www.lojban.org/files/software/BRKWORDS.PAS|brkwords.pas].
;[http://www.lojban.org/files/software/gloss3-2.ZIP|gloss3-2.zip]:The Lojban Parser/Glosser. This program takes grammatical Lojban text and translates it word for word into an English gloss, including identifying case tags for the sumti of all gismu that are used. The file includes the up to date Lojban parser.
;[http://www.lojban.org/files/software/lujvomak.zip|lujvomak.zip]:The Lojban lujvo-making and analysis program. This program allows you to make lujvo given the source metaphor (English keywords) or to analyze a lujvo into its component metaphor. There are drill modes that generate random lujvo to test your word making and analysis skills.
;[http://www.lojban.org/files/software/rndsen28.zip|rndsen28.zip]:This is an obsolete version of the Lojban random sentence generator, based on the 2.8 version of the grammar. A new version is being worked on. Most of the sentences that this program generates will be correct Lojban.
;[http://www.lojban.org/files/software/scrabble.zip|scrabble.zip]:This is an attempt to make a Lojban compatible version of the Scrabble (tm) word game. Letter frequencies are based on frequencies in Lojban words.
;[http://www.lojban.org/files/software/gunzip.exe|gunzip.exe]:The GUNZIP program, used to uncompress .gz files.

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