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- Here are some concepts that should have gismu, but don't.<br /><br />*intension (''This should be 'intention'. See also ((intensional))'')<br />**Something along the lines of ''x1 is intended to be/supposed to be x2 (ka) as intended by x3''. Unless someone can tell me how to say this with existing gismu, which would be great. ''jinzi'', ''bilga'' don't seem quite right. -- ((Adam))<br />*** Something with djica dunli.<br />**** The idea is to translate those pesky things like &quot;wine bottle&quot;. According to the most common interpretation (as far as I can tell), &quot;botpi lo vanju&quot; must actually contain wine. A wine bottle could be something like &quot;broda le ka vanju botpi&quot; if &quot;broda&quot; has the place structure above.<br />***** How many people would have a problem with &quot;vanju botpi&quot;? Do you think somebody would ask how a bottle could be made out of wine?<br />****** The problem isn't &quot;vanju botpi&quot;. If I have an bottle filled !
 with water which is a &quot;wine bottle&quot; in English by shape and probably former contents, I can't call it a &quot;ca'a botpi lo vanju&quot; in lojban, and thus &quot;vanju botpi&quot; may be misleading.<br />****** I am afraid you are being too literal. A bottle that is has only held water, but was made to hold wine, is still a vanju botpi.<br />****** So you would say ''ti vanju botpi lo djacu'' in the case above?<br />****** Yes. And if anybody complains, let them first read Chap 12 section 2 (p 275 in the printed version). The English word &quot;for&quot; in the definition of botpi (&quot;...bottle for x2&quot;) may create some confusion. It may be interpreted to mean that is what the bottle is ''intended'' to contain, but not what it actually contains! Insisting upon that usage would drive us to ''ti botpi lo vanju fi'o vasru lo djacu''. Of course, none of this is anything like a general solution to your original issue! How would you like a ''fi'o djitai'' modal?-!
 -((xod))<br /><br />**''ti tutci lo'e nu botpi lo vanju''This !
 is used for bottling wine.''ti vanbo'itci'' --((xorxes))<br />*** That sounds like a device for filling wine bottles to me.<br />**** The English translation may be misleading. Maybe it should be 'This is used to contain wine'. ''botpi'' of course does not mean 'to bottle' in the sense of putting into a bottle, there is no such action implied in the Lojban version.<br /><br />
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