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Lojban Resources

A lot of the general categorization here was taken from the Lojban Wiki Resources page. Many of the links were as well. The Wiki is in no way associated with the LLG, for the record.

The Lojban FAQ
Answers many general, and some not-so-general, questions related to Lojban.
Lojbanic Forums
Places to discuss Lojban, or to discuss in Lojban.
The Lojban dictionary project, which is now in full swing. There are complete or near-complete dictionaries for Spanish, Esperanto, and English, and the Lojban-in-Lojban dictionary is progressing rapidly.
Promotional Materials
A variety of things are available to be given out or purchased. Brochures, t-shirts, and more!
Community Files Area
A place to put any files that you want to have available to the Lojbanic community at large. Here can be found programs people have written, alternative logos, samples of spoken Lojban, and much more! This is a TWiki, which means that anyone can freely contribute to it and/or upload files. It also means that nothing in the Community Files Area is in any way officially associated with the LLG. It hasn't even been virus checked.
Lojban Community Pages
Contains links to web pages in Lojban, a Lojban news site, Lojban dictionary sites, a Lojban Wiki, and more!
Pure Lojban Web Pages
A list of web pages entirely in Lojban.
Non-English Lojban Material
Including translations of the LLG's Lojban brochure into other languages, gismu lists in other languages, and so on. Note also the Lojbanic mailing lists in other languages on the Forums page.
Software Tools
Programs available to use with Lojban, including as translation tools and vocabulary lesson programs. Some of these are on the web, others need to be downloaded.
Miscellaneous information about Lojban, such as historical documents and papers about the language and such.

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