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Lojbanic Forums

This page contains a list of various forums in which people discuss lojban or discuss in lojban.

Mailing Lists

Mailing List Archives

There are locally stored archives of a number of lists, all of which can be signed up for at the lojban.org mailing list interface.

Other Forums

The Lojban Wiki

The Lojban Wiki has been the source of a huge amount of Lojbanic activity in the last few years, and is free for everyone to update and contribute to. Please come join us in creating a vast store of Lojbanic information, or just browse around and see what catches your eye.

Lojban IRC

Lojban IRC provides an informal meeting place for conversing quickly in Lojban. It is beginner-friendly, as well. The IRC channel can be reached by pointing your IRC program at irc.lojban.org.

There is now a web-based IRC client available.

IRC Logs

Furthermore, thanks to help from Theodore Reed and Jordan DeLong, there are now public logs of the lojbanic portions of the IRC channel.

NOTE: the logs are filtered so that they contain only lojbanic text. However, you might still be offended by the things discussed there. If you are, that's your problem, and the LLG explicitely disclaims responsibility for anything said on the IRC channel, including by members or officers of the LLG.

Furthermore, no guarantee is made as to the correctness of the lojban therein.

The Lojbanic Interactive Story

http://www.lojban.org/story/story.pl , or the Lojbanic Interactive story, is a web-based story writing forum. The story itself is all in lojban. Anyone can add to it, please go contribute!

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