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Original Writings In Lojban

ckafybarja Writings

This directory contains many files generated by contributors to the ckafybarja project, an attempt to get many Lojbanists writing creatively in a common setting. See the directory for a complete list of files, but there are texts here from Nick Nicholas, Mark Shoulson, Veijo Vilva, David Bowen, Jorge Llambias, Iain Alexander, Floren Dupont de Dinechin, and Goran Topic (thereby representing 7 different countries and 5 different native languages among the authors). A series of files with names starting with C1 and C2 are glosser inputs (.txt) and outputs (.glo) for several of the texts.

Texts Archives

This is Lojbab's full text and text discussion archive (which is actually only complete up until around 1993).

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