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lojban.org News

2 May 2004

A variety of minor bug fixes were done on the site, as well as some more major items. The front page was returned to CSS, XHTML and Bobby Level 3 compliance. The problem with clicking on one of the maps causing the maps to stop functioning was fixed. A couple of one-sheet brochures were added to the brochures page. The 25 November 2002 Board Meeting minutes were added. The 2003 annual meeting minutes were added.

10 September 2003

What is Lojban? is now available for purchase! The lojban.org site is now available, at least partially, in a variety of different languages. The vast majority of the site has been marked up in a way to make easy translation possible, but not all of the actual translation has been done. If you want to help, please contact the webmaster. Also, there is now a web-based IRC client available on the Forums page. The French and Spanish Lojban lists are now available. A Lojbanic translation program has been installed.

11 May 2003

Some bylaw changes from 1992 were incorporated. Split off of Old Projects into a seperate page, many changes (mostly minor) to the projects and committees pages. Markup changes all over the place.

The full changes list can be found at the Aegis change page for change number 144.

7 April 2003

This is the first site update in a long time, and as such it's a big one. The site now has Request Tracker set up, and that is being used to manage necessary changes. The Level 0 book was added to the main site, a Helping Lojban page, a Help page, and a Feedback page were all added, and jbovlaste and Request Tracker were both linked in.

30 December 2002

An IRC logging system has been set up. See the Lojbanic Forums page. Also, many pages have been edited to point to wiki.lojban.org as the official wiki site, which will continue to be the right place even if someone else takes it over.

28 November 2002

The new Official Baseline Statement, from the LLG has been posted.

14 November 2002

Addition to the Official Projects Page, minor fixes and updates.

24 October 2002

A Promotional Materials page has been created. Also, I've made a Community Files Area, which is a TWiki (a web-based colloborative space).

21 October 2002

The Lojban FAQ has been updated and moved and revamped and such. .uisai Thanks go to Dalton Graham for doing most of the work.

23 September 2002

There has been a major revamp of the Resources section. It has a lot more information in it now.

18 September 2002

The old minutes of the LLG have been posted, thanks to Jay Kominek. He also html formatted the bylaws. See the LLG publications page.

The official LLG Projects page has been constructed. Please submit anything you are working on!

An official LLG Committees page has also been added.

An interactive story has been added; see the original lojbanic texts page.

9 August 2002

As may be obvious, I just made some drastic changes to the layout of the site. Please let me (webmaster@lojban.org) know what you think!

23 July 2002

LogFest, the annual gathering of lojbanists, is this coming weekend. Also, the 2002 Annual Meeting of the Members of the LLG will be held on Sunday, July 28th (during LogFest).

The 2002 Annual Meeting of the Members of the LLG will be held at 1030AM EDT on Sunday July 28, 2002 at lojbab's house, 2904 Beau Lane, Fairfax VA 22031 USA. There being insufficient notice as required, no bylaw changes can be considered.

LogFest mostly consists of a bunch of people hanging out at lojbab's house, talking in and about lojban. The annual meeting always occurs during LogFest.

1 July 2002

There was a major (several day) downtime of this site, due to bad RAM, which in turn caused file system corruption. The problem has been solved, and this machine now has a new, larger hard drive, as well as a completely new operating system (NetBSD 1.5.2).

In addition, since the last update this machine has gotten a much faster processor and been moved into a co-location facility with a connection to the internet that is close to 300Mb/s.

2 May 2002

Minor website updates have been made. In particular, the contents of the Learning Lojban sections have been slightly improved, and many relative links have been fixed.

18 April 2002

Amazing news! The first draft of the Alice In Wonderland translation appears to be complete. The only things missing are a couple of the chapter titles and one stanza of a poem, as of this writing. Please go take a look in the Translations section!

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