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Re: [ lojban.org ] - New Post - Salvo 1: 27 April

On Tue, Apr 29, 2003 at 02:40:42AM +0100, And Rosta wrote:
> In the light of this, all I mean to say is that the current
> constraints on my time and net access are such that I will try to
> contribute to discussions that appear on jboske & occasionally
> read the phpbb if it is primarily a locus of record rather than of
> debate.
> This is no sort of complaint. It's just notification & explanation
> of my silence.

Fair enough.

> Hopefully people will use jboske for technical debate, and phpbb
> for the mechanics of formal decision-taking, in which case it will
> be feasible for me to participate to the degree to which I had
> been hoping to. 


That is certainly what I would like to see.

> Finally, let me note that I understand & accept that Robin &
> others don't have the time & inclination to get involved in
> technical debates about the language, & I would hope that Robin
> will similarly understand that other people don't have the time &
> inclination to explore the phpbb resources he has so diligently
> provided. If he has sweated blood to give us good IT resources, I
> likewise have sweated blood to try to get Lojban a sound
> linguistic foundation; let's proceed with mutual respect.



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