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RE: [bpfk-announce] Someone take BY2 please.

> Subject: [bpfk-announce] Someone take BY2 please.

Also, who (if anyone) gets BY*:

.abu       BY*      a                                         letteral for a
 denpa bu  BY*      pause symbol                              letteral: Lojban "
." character
.ebu       BY*      e                                         letteral for e
.ibu       BY*      i                                         letteral for i
 joibu     BY*      &                                         letteral: ampersan
d character; especially used in standing for a mixed connective
.obu       BY*      o                                         letteral for o
 slaka bu  BY*      close-comma                               letteral: Lojban "
," character
.ubu       BY*      u                                         letteral for u
.uibu      BY*      happy face                                letteral: happines
s symbol (letteral)
.ybu       BY*      y                                         letteral for y
 zo'obu    BY*      smiley face                               letteral: humor sy
mbol, ":-)" and its related forms expressing humor (letteral)

It seems strange that [aeiouy]bu isn't in BY2.

-- Ted