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Re: [bpfk-announce] Re: Someone take BY2 please.

On Fri, Nov 14, 2003 at 05:33:25PM -0800, Theo Reed wrote:
> > Come on, people, it's easy!
> > 
> > Well, *boring* is more like it, but we need somebody anyways.
> Well, I guess I've got plenty of time off, I can take it. I was looking at BAI,
> but this gives me something to do while waiting for nick's explanation of the
> selma'o there. 
> On another note, I notice that some people are using a compiled corpus to look
> for usage. Is there anyway someone who has already done the legwork on this
> could post it somewhere for the rest of us?

I'll put my corpus somewhere.

It's roughly the corpus I used for the frequency lists, though there I
was very haphazard with deleting English lines, especially in IRC where
it lost a lot of context. Plus, its copy of Alice was out of date. For
usage-searching purposes, I'll put up a corpus with newer versions of
stuff, without the English filtered out.

Okay. It's at: http://takeneggs.com/lojban/corpus.tar.gz
mu'o mi'e rab.spir