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[bpfk-announce] Re: gadri Update; Please Respond! Pretty please.

At 04:07 PM 7/3/04 -0700, you wrote:
For those of you not following the entirety of the gadri discussion,
things got hectic again and now seem to have settled down somewhat.

Jordan appeared briefly, and then dropped out due to lack of time.
Pierre and Nora are still against.

Jordan's involvement resulted in the creation of Lojban-based formal
definitions for the gadri, but there is some concern that we don't know
what these mean, pricipally because we haven't definied zo'e and noi.

I propose that we add the following two sections to the gadri

    * Grammatical Pro-sumti KOhA7 KOhA8
    * Subordinators NOI GEhU KUhO VUhO GOI ZIhE

I'm willing to shepherd one or both, but I would of course love it if
someone else wants to do it.  In particular, I'm not entirely certain of
the sufficiency of my understanding of ce'u.

Having added these in, I further propose that we give it another month,
and if we haven't acheived something that looks like consensus, we move
on to something else.

Please tell me what you think of this plan, because I could really use
some feedback right now.


-Robin, beleaguered BPFK jatna.

Sounds good to me.

mi'e noras                                             noras@cox.net
Nora LeChevalier