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[bpfk-announce] Re: gadri Update; Please Respond! Pretty please.

On Sun, Jul 04, 2004 at 01:16:21AM -0400, Bob LeChevalier wrote:
> At 04:07 PM 7/3/04 -0700, Robin Lee Powell wrote:
> >I propose that we add the following two sections to the gadri
> >checkpoint:
> >
> >    * Grammatical Pro-sumti KOhA7 KOhA8
> >    * Subordinators NOI GEhU KUhO VUhO GOI ZIhE
> >
> >I'm willing to shepherd one or both, but I would of course love it if
> >someone else wants to do it.  In particular, I'm not entirely certain
> >of the sufficiency of my understanding of ce'u.
> >
> >Having added these in, I further propose that we give it another
> >month, and if we haven't acheived something that looks like
> >consensus, we move on to something else.
> >
> >Please tell me what you think of this plan, because I could really
> >use some feedback right now.
> Approve greatly.


> Keep pushing along pieces of the whole, without insisting on anything
> that suggests we are making a final decision, especially when it is
> understood that something is changing, until we have everything done
> to the same level, and I won't complain (as much %^).  

I'll keep that in mind.  :-)

> We don't really need consensus on anything at this stage to move on,
> we need lots of chunks defined so that people can mull over them for a
> while.
> This is an approach that comes closer to what I am looking for than
> the status quo.  Spend a couple weeks on each topic and move on to the
> next whether we have consensus or not.  Consensus will eventually
> develop without being pushed, if it can develop.

I need to balance that with people's need to feel accomplishment, but
I'll see what I can do.


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