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[bpfk-announce] Re: HOW-TO: BPFK setup change requests

As far as I'm concerned, the issue of how much further work Robin
does for the BPFK technology is a matter of negotiation between
Robin & Nick. I don't want to demand that Robin does any further

If I am going to participate in discussions, I need to be able to
do it by email, if not on jboske then on some other list. (A bonus
would be a nice web-accessible archive of the discussion structured
hierarchically by Subject & In-Reply-To. Another bonus would be
a set of Elephant-like parliamentary rules governing discussion.)

Partly because I have been so busy with other things, I'm not
sure what my participation in BPFK is supposed to be. What prompted
these messages from me is a recent flurry of email messages from
webmaster@lojban.org containing discussion of ka'enai.


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> Subject: [bpfk-announce] HOW-TO: BPFK setup change requests 
> Before I even get started, FFS people, BPFK requests do *NOT* belong
> on the main list.  Try private mail to me or Nick, or
> request@lojban.org if you have passed *all* of the below but part
> #6 
> Here's a handy-dandy little flowchart explaining how to suggest
> changes to the BPFK Infrastructure 
> When reading this, bear in mind the the specification for the BPFK
> has been available for *MONTHS*, and no-one commented on it (see the
> links in #1).  So if I sound a teensy bit bitter at being
> second-guessed at this late stage, it's because I am 
> Bear in mind also that I am doing a *stupendous* amount of
> lojban-related work right now, and requests to spend tens of hours
> of my time without volunteering to help are not appreciated 
> 1.  Does it conform with
> http://www.lojban.org/wiki/index.php/Mini-dictionary, as well as any
> relevant sections in
> http://www.lojban.com/cgi-bin/twiki/view/BPFK/GuidelinesForUsing ?
>     YES: Continue 
>     NO:  Go Stick Your Head In A Pig[1] 
> 2.  Are you the only person affected by the change AND it will take
> more than 5 minutes to implement as far as you can tell?
>     NO:  Continue 
>     YES: Go Stick Your Head In A Pig 
> 3.  Have you talked to the BPFK captain and gotten his agreement
> that this is a Good Idea?
>     YES:  Continue 
>     NO:   Perhaps you should do that 
> 4.  Does your proposed modification do something that is actually
> useful and can't easily be handled some other way (IOW, are you
> fixing something that's actually broken)?  Examples of things that
> do not fit this criteria are offline viewing and spell checking
> (both of which can be handled by your favorite word
> processor and "Save As Text" 
>     YES:  Continue 
>     NO:   Go Stick Your Head In A Pig 
> 5.  Are at least one of the following sets true:
> 	A modification for the existing infrastructure already
> 	exists and will do what you want AND you know where it is
> 	and can point the webmaster to it 
> 	Someone in the Lojban community has volunteered to write,
> 	AND has *finished* writing the modification you want AND it
> 	has been tested 
>     YES:  Continue 
>     NO:   Well, get to work 
> 6.  Have you talked to the webmaster and convinced em that the
> difficulty involved is worth the effort?
>     YES:  Great.  Now sit back and wait for the webmaster to have
>     time for this 
>     NO:   Perhaps you should do that.  If you don't want to, you are
>     more than welcome to host it yourself.  Failing that, feel free
>     to Go Stick Your Head In A Pig 
> -Robin
> [1]: http://hhgproject.org/entries/shareandenjoy.html
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