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[bpfk-announce] HOW-TO: BPFK setup change requests.

Before I even get started, FFS people, BPFK requests do *NOT* belong
on the main list.  Try private mail to me or Nick, or
request@lojban.org if you have passed *all* of the below but part

Here's a handy-dandy little flowchart explaining how to suggest
changes to the BPFK Infrastructure.

When reading this, bear in mind the the specification for the BPFK
has been available for *MONTHS*, and no-one commented on it (see the
links in #1).  So if I sound a teensy bit bitter at being
second-guessed at this late stage, it's because I am.

Bear in mind also that I am doing a *stupendous* amount of
lojban-related work right now, and requests to spend tens of hours
of my time without volunteering to help are not appreciated.

1.  Does it conform with
http://www.lojban.org/wiki/index.php/Mini-dictionary, as well as any
relevant sections in
http://www.lojban.com/cgi-bin/twiki/view/BPFK/GuidelinesForUsing ?
    YES: Continue.
    NO:  Go Stick Your Head In A Pig[1].

2.  Are you the only person affected by the change AND it will take
more than 5 minutes to implement as far as you can tell?
    NO:  Continue.
    YES: Go Stick Your Head In A Pig.

3.  Have you talked to the BPFK captain and gotten his agreement
that this is a Good Idea?

    YES:  Continue.
    NO:   Perhaps you should do that.

4.  Does your proposed modification do something that is actually
useful and can't easily be handled some other way (IOW, are you
fixing something that's actually broken)?  Examples of things that
do not fit this criteria are offline viewing and spell checking
(both of which can be handled by your favorite word
processor and "Save As Text".

    YES:  Continue.
    NO:   Go Stick Your Head In A Pig.

5.  Are at least one of the following sets true:

	A modification for the existing infrastructure already
	exists and will do what you want AND you know where it is
	and can point the webmaster to it.

	Someone in the Lojban community has volunteered to write,
	AND has *finished* writing the modification you want AND it
	has been tested.

    YES:  Continue.
    NO:   Well, get to work.

6.  Have you talked to the webmaster and convinced em that the
difficulty involved is worth the effort?

    YES:  Great.  Now sit back and wait for the webmaster to have
    time for this.

    NO:   Perhaps you should do that.  If you don't want to, you are
    more than welcome to host it yourself.  Failing that, feel free
    to Go Stick Your Head In A Pig.


[1]: http://hhgproject.org/entries/shareandenjoy.html

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