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[bpfk-announce] Register & Vett

I'd like to commend those BPFK commission that have registered so far, and request that the rest of you do so at your earliest convenience. Herewith, a list of who's on the commission (and who wanted to be observers), and who's signed up on the phpbb forum so far (asterisked):

And Rosta (*And)
Arnt Johansen [tsali] (*arj)
Craig Daniel [kreig] (*kd)
Nick Nicholas [nitcion] (*nitcion)
Pierre Abbat (*phma)
Robin Powell [camgusmis] (*rlpowell)
[xod] (*xod)
Jorge Llambias [xorxes] (*xorxes)
Jordan de Long
John Cowan
Adam Raizen
Bob LeChevalier [lojbab]
Nora LeChevalier [noras]
Mark Shoulson
Jay Kominek [djez]

Lionel Vidal (*nessus)
Philip Newton [filip] (*pne)
John Clifford [pycyn]
Greg Dyke

One more thing: as you may have read in the Board statement of November, the authority to vett LLG publications for baseline conformance was to be entrusted to a rump form of the BPFK, once it had completed its primary mission. Until it does, the Board wishes vetting to be undertaken by volunteers drawn from the BPFK membership. We are interested in making several publications; please indicate your availability to me off-list.

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