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[bpfk-announce] BPFK open for business

Not before time, the BPFK is hereby open for business.

There are two fora where BPFK work will be done. One is the TWiki (http://www.lojban.com/cgi-bin/twiki/view/BPFK/WebHome); the other is the phpbb discussion forum (http://www.lojban.org/phpbb/).

In executive summary: I have divided up the cmavo of Lojban into paradigms. One person (the "shepherd") will take on the job of documenting everything there is to document about the paradigm (or administer delegating it), and writes their findings, and proposed definitions, on the Twiki. The same will happen for any broader grammatical issues. The debate (in formal, point-counterpoint terms) happens on the phpbb. There are polls conducted on the issues, back on the Twiki, until consensus is reached. If two or more commission members reject a proposal, the shepherd needs to water the proposal down until it is broadly accepted.

I have written a monsterpiece guidelines on how I want business transacted on the BPFK on http://www.lojban.com/cgi-bin/twiki/view/BPFK/GuidelinesForUsing . It's scary and complicated, and Robin has summarised it; but do read it anyway. This supplements my previous statements on the BPFK,and the Board's.

Any further discussion on the BPFK, including meta-discussion, belongs on the phpbb board -- in particular, in the forum "Varia: Administrative Issues". The board is open for viewing *and* posting by all members of the community. Votes in the polls are only open to commission members, however.

All commission members, please register as users on both the phpbb and the Twiki.

If you are a commission member (or self-nominated observer) and did not get this through the bpfk-announce list, please let me know.

Two side issues. One: there shall be a Morphology Commission to oversee work on the morphology. It shall be chaired by Nora LeChevalier, and in the first instance will also have Lionel Vidal and Pierre Abbat as members. Nora will not begin work on the commission until she has discharged her duties as secretary of the LLG; but relax: we're not going anywhere.

Two: those of you who had a hankering for translating Google into Lojban --- there's a new project if you want it: phpbb can be translated into Lojban too. See http://www.phpbb.com/kb/article.php?article_id=41 if you're interested (and serious!) And if you're a commission member: don't even think of volunteering. You'll be busy enough keeping up with the commision work.

This will be tough, and may Jeeg and Talen have mercy on us all.

mi'e nitcion noi jatna bypyfyky.
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