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[dracyselkei] Re: Let's try this again.

On 9/21/07, Robin Lee Powell <rlpowell@digitalkingdom.org> wrote:

> My plan, regardless of setting, is to use FATE.  If it turns out
> that a majority of players want another system, that can be done,
> but AFAIK out of 4-5 interested parties at least 2 have never RPGd
> before.

I've never heard of FATE, but the system means less than the story, really.

> First of all, my default here is the basic D&D universe (3rd ed
> specifically) because "everybody knows that".  Except, of course,
> that some people here *don't*.  If we can't come up with something
> satisfying, though, we'll do that.

"Basic D&D Universe"? I'm unaware of a basic setting.

> Lists of other possibilities in my mind follow; two categories,
> otherwise not in order.
>             Universes I'd Be Happy With:
> Midkemia (Feist's world, specifically as in Magician: Master)

Never heard of it.

> Hyperboria (Conan)

Never heard of it.

> The Wheel Of Time universe (Robert Jordan) (in the distant past
> golden age, preferrably)

Never read it.

> The Sword Of Truth universe (Terry Goodkind) (in the distant
> pastgolden age, preferrably)

Big fan of the series, good possibility.

> The Rifts universe (it's an RPG)

Heard of it, but only just barely.

> Basically any White Wolf universe (also RPGs)

I've played Vampire (the first one), Werewolf, Changeling, Mage. I had
the book for the wild west Werewolf, which looked interesting, but I
never got a chance to try it out.

> The In Nomine universe (another RPG)

Never heard of it.

> The Warhammer 40,000 universe (tabletop game) (that'd be hella cool,
> actually, but I'm sure most of you aren't familiar with it)

Only vaguely familiar with it.

> Star Wars (distant past)

A possibility.

> Any universe by Neal Asher

Never heard of it.

> The Ravenloft universe (old D&D setting)

Played in one short-lived campaign. It was interesting, though.

> The Spelljammer universe (old D&D setting)

I once jumped in on a high-level SJ campaign. It was interesting.

>             Universes I'd Be Fully Willing To Run:
> Arda (Tolkien's universe; bit underpowered for my taste unless y'all
> want to play maiar or something)

I'm not sure Tolkein ever really specified much about how magic works
for this to be feasible.

> The Chronicles Of Prydain universe (Lloyd Alexander)

Never heard of it.

> The Dark Is Rising universe (Susan Cooper)

Never heard of it.

> Star Wars (current time setting)
> Cthulhu

Heard of it, never read it.

> Amber Chronicles universe (Zelazny) (my main reluctance here has to
> do with not knowing if I can pull off courtly intrigue)

I'm not sure you'd have to pull it off. That'd mostly be up to the
players. The other thing to consider is the amount of "behind the
other players' backs" RPing that would have to go on.

> Any portion of Moorcock's Eternal Champion universe (Elric, in
> particular)

Never heard of it.

> Eddings' Belgeriad universe

Never heard of it.

> LNC (a bit burnt on it still, but I could manage)

Haven't read enough of it.

> Orion's Arm (the power curve for non-superintelligences is rather
> limited)
> Jade Empire (computer game)
> The Honor Harrington universe (not that I don't like the universe,
> just that I'm not sure I can pull off political intrigue)
> Transhuman Space (RPG)

Haven't dealt with any of them, really.

> The Dune universe (see Honor Harrington)

I think I'd find this boring, oddly enough.

-- bancus