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Re: [jboske] Re: [lojban] tautologies

la xod cusku di'e

I thought the subjunctive referred to hypothetical worlds.

Well, it does involve hypothetical worlds. When you say "whatever it costs" you bring into consideration a whole range of hypothetical worlds, the real one included among them.

"costs what it costs" is a tautology, carrying no logical content about
the price, but rather indicating emphasis. Classic application for modal

fi'o jdima fe'u vecnu ta mi

Something like "with-price I buy it"? If we just want to emphasize that there is a price, why not {vecnu ta mi ba'e da}?

And of course, the ckinytadji way:

fancu lo velvecnu le jei mi tervecnu kei nodada'o
(My buying of it is orthogonal to its price)

But that doesn't say that I buy it. Eventually it might mean that whether I buy it or not does not depend on what the price is.

mu'o mi'e xorxes

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