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Re: [jboske] Re: [lojban] tautologies

On Tue, 12 Feb 2002, Jorge Llambias wrote:

> >"costs what it costs" is a tautology, carrying no logical content about
> >the price, but rather indicating emphasis. Classic application for modal
> >selbri:
> >
> >fi'o jdima fe'u vecnu ta mi
> Something like "with-price I buy it"? If we just want to emphasize
> that there is a price, why not {vecnu ta mi ba'e da}?

fi'o jdima fe'u vecnu je'u ta mi
With price, I certainly buy it.

No, it doesn't cleanly translate into English, but I think it's not a
stretch to imagine this becoming idiomatic.

> >And of course, the ckinytadji way:
> >
> >fancu lo velvecnu le jei mi tervecnu kei nodada'o
> >(My buying of it is orthogonal to its price)
> But that doesn't say that I buy it. Eventually it might
> mean that whether I buy it or not does not depend on
> what the price is.


You're right that it doesn't say that you'll buy it. How about:

fancu ro velvecnu le jei mi tervecnu kei lipa
For every price, the truth value of whether or not I buy it is unity.

The tao that can be tar(1)ed
is not the entire Tao.
The path that can be specified
is not the Full Path.