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Re: fancu (was: Re: [lojban] Re: [jboske] RE: Anything but tautologies

la xod cusku di'e

1. xuda fancu lo'i selspe be mi lo'i ckana be ne'i le mi zdani

Is there some function from the set of my spouses to the set of beds in my house?

Here you are using the domain/range definition.

I don't know. One such function might be given by
"... is the bed of ...", assuming each of your spouses
has one and only one bed.

2. fy. fancu le jei lo gerku cu xabju lo mi zdani kei le jei mi bilma

Here you abandon the domain/range definition and go for a value/value one. Presumably you mean something like:

roda zo'u fy fancu le jei lo gerku cu xabju lo mi zdani ca da kei
le jei mi bilma ca da

Changing {le jei} to {le'i jei} would not be enough to take
you to the domain/range definition, because {le'i jei mi bilma}
has in principle only one member.

3. da fancu fo lo ka ce'u po'u lo verba be mi cu kelci ce'u

(The x2 of {verba} is the age. Do you mean {panzi}?)

This is how I would say what I guess you could mean by that:

le du'u ce'u poi panzi mi cu kelci makau cu fancu
What each of my children plays with is a function
(presumably from each of my children to their toys.)

mu'o mi'e xorxes

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