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Re: [jboske] fancu (was: Anything but tautologies)

la xod cusku di'e

I am not sure that we disagree on the above. Except, when you single out
fancu as being the only gismu that contains a name, what about "cmene"?

I never said {fancu} is the only gismu that contains a name. What I said is that {fancu} is the only gismu (besides du) that has two places for the same argument. {cmene} has a place for the name and a place for the named one.

You're right: "f(x)" and "x + 2" are related by cmene, and probably sinxa,
tcita, and smuni.

f(x)=x+2. f(x) is the function, not the name of the function.

In ro velvecnu, the nalsku gadri is lo, which can refer to multiple
referents. If I say "every price", how many do you think I am referring
to? Probably, more than one.

Yes, each one of them at a time. It is not the set.

In jei mi tervecnu, it's true that the one value used in that range is 1.
But the value of jei spans [0, 1], so in general, that is a real quantity.

You said it: "the value of jei". That's what {le jei ...} refers to. Even when it is each of the values. Not "the set of values" as a set.

mu'o mi'e xorxes

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