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Re: [lojban] Re: [jboske] RE: Anything but tautologies

pycyn@aol.com scripsit:

> To remind yet one last time, it is important that the phrase used to refer to 
> the function in fancu4 not be the same one as is used in fancu1 or a large 
> portion (though not all, if the range and domain are included) of the 
> information value is lost. "sin is the function from angles to [-1,1] 
> computed by sin(x) = y." is not quite a tautology but only marginally more 
> informative.

I confess I have not read all the messages in this thread, but it
seems clear to me that fancu1 is the function itself (which, not being
linguistic, cannot appear directly in a sentence, but must be represented
by a name of some sort), whereas fancu4 is a text, a lambda expression
(such as '\x.x+1').

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