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Re: [jboske] fancu (was: Anything but tautologies)

In a message dated 2/17/2002 4:14:08 PM Central Standard Time, xod@sixgirls.org writes:

What is "numbers" other than loi [ro] namcu?

Oh, I hope not -- that is a pretty useless range or domain.  A little like nailing Jell-o to a tree.

<How do you figure that a name of a function qualifies as
"_expression_/rule"??? I think you're going to far with the equality between
fancu1 and fancu4. But perhaps these generalities have played themselves
out and it's time to discuss real examples. Chew on these!>

Thinking they are the same because they refer to the same thing is already going to far.  This move by xorxes is way over the limit.

<1. xuda fancu lo'i selspe be mi lo'i ckana be ne'i le mi zdani>
Sure, though I have no idea what its rule is.

<2. fy. fancu le jei lo gerku cu xabju lo mi zdani kei le jei mi bilma>
Dubious, the domain and range are just items, not sets.  Maybe with {lo'i} in place of {le}.

<3. da fancu fo lo ka ce'u po'u lo verba be mi cu kelci ce'u>

Assuming you are using {ka} in the old way (now apparently preferably {du'u}) this would be a function from ordered pairs of things to propositions or claims.  It might be hard to come up with a good name for it unless you needed it a lot.