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[jbovlaste] Natlang words for gismu places: potential for automation?

I have been perusing the list of Definitions And Votes Needed in English a 
bit, and have discovered that a very large part of those belong to entries 
from Noralujv that are only place-converted, e.g. selsti, teryranmi, 
velta'a. At the same time, no gismu by Officialdata have place keywords.

I was wondering if it would make sense to solve both these problems 
automatically, such as by entering these place keywords, as Officialdata, 
on the gismu entries. This would have to happen with no automatic votes 
cast, as some of these keywords are strange and/or wrong, and should be 
superseded by manually entered ones.

Arnt Richard Johansen                                http://arj.nvg.org/
Hvis jeg *vil* skrive til *den* plassen i minnet, så *skal* jeg skrive
til *den* plassen i minnet. Det er derfor jeg foretrekker assembler.
                                                   -- Ingulf Helland