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[jbovlaste] Re: buckwheat

On Thursday 17 March 2005 00:51, Robin Lee Powell wrote:
> Ideally, by adding the two words you listed above with sorrel and
> rhubarb as the gloss words.
> Perhaps I'm missing the problem?

Ignoring the synonym, we have four Lojban words and three English words. So we 
could set the glosses to:
xruba -> rhubarb, sorrel, buckwheat
stanyxruba -> rhubarb
pezyxruba -> sorrel
xrixruba -> buckwheat
Depending on the votes, one of the Lojban words will not appear in the 
English-Lojban part. Adding "Polygonaceae" as a gloss doesn't solve this, 
because most English speakers (at least the ones I know) don't know the word 
and don't even know that these plants are in the same family. (I didn't until 
I learned the word {xruba}, and I know more taxonomy than most people.)

.i le babzba ba zbasu
lo jbazbabu lo babjba