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[jbovlaste] Re: Survey about jbovlaste

On Fri, 18 Aug 2006, Wang Xuerui wrote:

What kind of new features do you hope to be in jbovlaste? (e.g. adding
multiple natlang words at one time)

Just a question. I'm now developing jbovlaste, and I don't know what to be
included as "new feature". Every bright idea is expected. Don't stone me,

You've started developing Jbovlaste? Neat!

The only features I see as lacking in Jbovlaste (apart from mere wishlist requests) are:

1) The ability to _delete_ one's own natlang words and valsi (to fix
2) The ability to vote _against_ a specific valsi, because one thinks it
   is ill-conceived and should not be in the dictionary;
3) Though this is I believe more Jay's territory, in the long run I think
   it is very important to be able to export LaTeX code that correctly
   displays all of Unicode. I believe there are some hanzi in the
   etymology field in parts of the English dictionary, these should
   display correctly in the output (currently they don't).

All of these I'm pretty sure have been voiced before, in the project's RequestTracker queue. Best of luck.

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