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Re: How many levels


Your plan looks acceptable to me, with a couple of qualifications.

If I take level 500 and pass it, am I then called a "level 500"?

What happens if we add a level 100* later? Someone who comes along
later has to pay more dues than I did to get to the same level? Or
would we charge me a test fee for 100* when we make it available, but
I don't have to take it? Neither of those seems quite right... did you
have something in mind? That should be handled delicately.

However, it seems easier to make a simpler test than to make a more
advanced one. Personally, I see no reason why not to start from the
earliest level we consider meaningful, and obviate the above
questions. :)

We don't have to work on more than one or two levels at a time. We can
just start at the level 100* test, and work on the next higher only
when we're ready.

Others, what do you think?


* or whatever the earlier level may be, if not 100

2009/9/3 Jorge LlambÃas <jjllambias@gmail.com>:
> On Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at 4:36 PM, Matt Arnold<matt.mattarn@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I was hoping to have more tests that test smaller parts of the
>> language. This has several advantages. It has to do with social
>> factors about motivating the human brain.
> We probably don't need to commit to a fixed number of levels at this
> point. We can start working on one test, level-X, then add a second
> test, which depending on how the level-X turns out, it could be higher
> or lower level, then add a third level, and so on. I agree that the
> more levels the better for all the reasons you give, but we may not
> have the resources to work on more than one level at a time. I would
> be extremely happy if we manage to get a single level test up and
> running. What we should probably do is not give the test a name that
> makes it difficult to name other tests above and below it. We might
> call it level-500 if we decide that 500 is the number of tested words
> for the first test that we design. Then we can add a level-100 or a
> level-2000 or whatever if that looks like the best next step.
> mu'o mi'e xorxes